Mr. Clever

No, no.  This isn't my autobiography; but thanks for the compliment! 

*The world can never have too many inventors -- and the first half of the book might just inspire a few more  
*Let's face it: cleverness is a hard concept to differentiate from generic smartness in the mind of a child, but this story does a good job traipsing around the subtleties
*How can you really hate too hard on any 'Mister' book that includes a ton of other misters in its cast

*While I did like the joke Hargreaves used to close the action, I was still disappointed with the fact that Mr. Clever didn't speak to recognizing the need to tone down his hubris 
*The red and orange tones used on the hybrid tree were so similar it kid of defeated the purpose of the entire page 
*You would think with each successive person he is unable to help that Mr. C would have a tougher time mustering a smile (before ultimately failing again)

This book is a relatively new addition to our home, but one that has avoided my hand until tonight.  Looking at the 43 Mr. Men on the back cover, I have to admit it would be one of the first three I would pick to read, knowing nothing about the actual contents inside.  So, I kinda just figured that I would enjoy it enough to make it a Borrow or better and move onto the next review tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.  I just didn't get excited by the way author H dealt with mister C once he left Cleverland.  It's okay, but not a really a repeat reader.  You know what the saddest part of all is?  I'm not sure I made one clever joke in the entire review of Mr. Clever!

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