Detective Blue

All of your less-than-favorite nursery rhyme characters are back in a brand new adventure! 

*The crime-solving theme excited me enough to check it out from the library and really pumped up my son for a day (to the point that we dialed some random number in my phone that I knew no one would answer so that we could leave a message for Detective Blue)  
*I did like how Steve Metzger didn't feel the need to point out every character he included; but, rather, was content to have them do their thing in the background
*The front cover is extremely enticing, given the crossed-out title combined with the quality drawing and color scheme

*If I had to rank the writing against famous cop shows, it would fall somewhere between Cop Rock and Third Watch 
*I respect the attempt to combine Goldilocks and Little Miss Muffet into one character to throw us off the scent, but that doesn't mean I thought the whole concept was good 
*I didn't like how Blue used his hand to squeeze another character's lips together to stop him from talking -- if my kid did that to someone else, I'd be mortified

Jack Sprat!  Little Jack Horner!  Old King Cole!  Need I say more?  These characters are forgettable in their own stories, so why would they be any more desirable making cameos in another one?  Even the star of the show is not exactly someone who belongs in the top twenty when discussing beloved protagonists.  Sure, you have Humpty Dumpty and Mary with her lamb to help add some oomph to the cast list, but in the end it's just too hard to get excited about the actors as a whole.  Coming from someone who used to type up little adventure tales on his Commodore 64 about peripheral Disney theme park characters, this seems like a pretty damning confirmation that this is not a book you should bother with.  I won't even mention that this is now the second book illustrated by Tedd Arnold that sucked me in with eye-catching artwork and left me longing for much better writing.  [Okay, so I mentioned it.]  Hopefully I'll remember to avoid Arnold's Medusa-like enchantment going forward.

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