Eating The Rainbow

Is there a better language to learn about cuisine (and colors) than French?  Probably not. 

*32 different food items in a board book might not sound ambitious, but I would argue it is quite a feat  
*How can you not love that the last page serves as a sort of mastery course for your child
*Great high resolution photos only reinforce that this was not slapped together in two minutes

*I suppose there are some crawlers out there whose parents allow them to munch on red peppers at snack time, but I have to question the practice given how an easy mistake could lead to them to putting this in their mouths 
*While it's technically not a misspelling, I don't know too many people that use litchi in place of lychee 
*Google Translate seems to have a point of differentiation between raisins and grapes, whereas this book does not follow suit

Tres bon effort turned in by Star Bright Books; especially at a $6.95 price point.  It was quite close to receiving a Buy from me, but it's just missing that je ne sais quoi I was looking for to enter it into my Hall of Fame.  [I think that jalapeno scenario was a lot for me to stomach.]  My suggestion would be to Borrow it for a few weeks so that you can decide whether it deserves a permanent place in your chateau

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