There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Another week without reviews -- but this time I have a good reason, I swear!  You see, I'm a dad again and a happy one at that.  Our daughter is doing great and so is my wife; even my son seems to be handling it quite well.  Best of all for you, it gives me an extra three years of Kid Book Ratings if I stick to my goal... 

*Normally, I don't love side-commentary taking away from the flow of the story, but the way Simms Taback rhymed it out made it work  
*I don't think the expanding "die-cut hole" is really as inventive as the publisher wants us to believe, but it does catch a little child's eye
*Kind of a nice touch to have the old lady get fatter as she ate

*I cannot believe this thing won a frickin' Caldecott because the pix are disgusting -- a back cover consisting of only fly species should have been a clear giveaway 
*I've always thought that the nursery rhyme lost its way once she started swallowing a cow to catch the dog and, subsequently, the horse to catch the cow -- up until that point it involved sending in natural predators after their prey 
*My wife and I are both in agreement that there could have been a craftier ending than just having her die (I know that would change the original premise, but mortality is almost always a terrible plot point, especially as a conclusion)

 hate that Taback is making me show my evil side to my daughter right off the bat, but I guess it's not the worst thing in the world for her to know early on that I can lay down the law when need be!  As you know by now, I am not a fan of authors hijacking old kiddie limericks for the sake of making some bank.  In this case, he at least added some extra content to freshen it up a bit.  But it is still gonna get a Destroy from me because its a prime example of a story that should have never won one of the top two awards in kidlit.     

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Jeane said...

Ha ha. My mom has an old copy of a book with this rhyme, die-cut holes and all but much more attractive illustrations than your cover leads me to imagine. I never got why a cow would chase a dog, either.

Beth said...

Adults have problems with the death and the cow and horse as follow-ups, but usually the kids love it.

Some picture books are better for the kids than the adults.

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