My Farm Friends

You can take the boys off the farm, but you'll never be able to get the farm off the boys (and girls)! 

*Wendell Minor deserves praise for his artwork and the interesting factoids he provided  
*Absolutely love the fun facts pages following the story which were packed with more info than a Poor Richard's Almanac
*Just about the perfect length for a book of this ilk

*I wasn't that excited by a few of Minor's rhymes -- the most notable had to be the one dedicated to the rooster (which really hurt since it was the first animal out of the barn) 
*While I loved learning that a cow drinks a bathtub of water each day, the sketch didn't fit the rest of the story since it was the only image that wasn't based on everyday farm life (once you get past the aforementioned letdown that is the rooster page) 
*Wish Minor would have asked more questions like the one on the horse page, because I think kids really respond to that type of interaction

My Farm Friends is by no means a Grade AA egg, but it still deserves a place on the shelf.  Crack it open and enjoy the meal(s) it provides; then move on with your life.  If you milk this teat one too many times, you're gonna come up dry..

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