The Conductor

On par with a classic Beethoven symphony, if it was written by Ludwig's idiot younger brother Kaspar. 

*Had the potential of being a decent flipbook if it had been engineered slightly differently  
*In theory, French author Laetitia Davernay's depiction of leaves subtly transforming into birds once they launched into flight should have yielded the "beautiful and compelling wordless narrative" promised by the publisher -- however, the muted colors and repetitive repetition (said for effect) she employed ruined any chance of this becoming a reality
*Both the librarian and I were impressed by the extreme rectangular shape of the hardbound book (my thumbnail below doesn't really do it justice)

*Mademoiselle, I get it, the frickin' leaves are birds; now give me something new to look at 
*So many pages wasted on a failed experiment in the sublime -- made all the more frustrating by the difficulty I had turning them due to the extra long binding layout they chose 
*Planting his baton in the ground at the end probably wouldn't have annoyed me had I not been subjected to what felt like an eternity of flipping past plants that I hated looking at, but it did

How do you say letdown in Francais?  I had some high hopes for this one when I brought it home today.  Those were dashed pretty quickly.  You know you have a stinker on your hands when you aren't even a third of the way through and you've already started praying for things to improve.  And you know it's a Destroy if you make it all the way to the back cover without finding something genuinely redeeming about the time you just spent 'reading' with your child.  I suppose it's unfair of me to, for all intents and purposes, spread weed killer over what was meant to be a delicate little flower in the kidlit garden.  However, I like to think of myself as the last line of defense against invasive plants (in this case Davernay's French Broom) crowding out the crops that will really nourish us for generations to come..

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