Holy crap!  This was hilarious! 

*I honestly can't tell whether I like Artie Bennett's writing or Mike Moran's illustrations more -- which is a great problem to have  
*This isn't just a book that shows a bunch of poop because it will make kids laugh -- the knowledge it imparts is actually quite useful
*It's a small thing, but my favorite part of the book might have been the sign that reads "Yurt is where the heart is" 

*I was a little disappointed on the page where the angry bear literally scares the shit out of numerous animals that the humans didn't crap their pants, too 
*The migrating bird page could have been a tiny bit clearer in it's description of how these birds were travelling from point A to point B with their special deliveries (although you've got to give Bennett kudos for working in Guadeloupe into a rhyme) 
*While I enjoyed Moran's depiction of a severely constipated mouse trying to push out that last little nugget, others might think this to be a tad gratuitous compared to the rest of the book (since I think everything else is either a before or after shot)

If you'll notice how macro my first two pros were then you'll understand why Poopendous! is a heaping pile of steaming goodness.  It's not like there are but a few droppings of humor spread thinly across the pages.  No, no, the whole book is legit and will definitely cause you to lose your shit!  In fact, any other author out there who tries to put the poop back in the butthole is merely playing for #2!  Scatalogically speaking, this is a monster upper-decker so awesome you have to show your friends. 

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