Stuff And Nonsense

Time to build a better mousetrap. 

*From the scales to the sandpaper, almost every shape incorporated within is of the highest-caliber -- and will be a real treat for kids under three  
*It was cool how all of the little things the mice were carrying were converted into one giant pop-up at the end
*Even though my library copy was slightly damaged on the pages in question, I've gotta give the publisher credit for sticking the ladder between a hole in two pages -- not sure I've ever seen anything like that before

*The way the text is presented is just all wrong (I suppose they were trying not to take away too much focus on the real star of the show, the 4-D imagery) -- when you utter it aloud it's not terrible, but the faded text color and the ridiculous overuse of punctuation make the actual act of reading difficult to manage 
*Maybe I spoke too soon in my second Pro -- cause I don't see all of the materials on that final page (where did the "bumpy stuff" go) 
*I suppose the title of the book is apt, but less nonsense might have led to increased comprehension for everyone

What was David Pelham thinking with all of those exclamation points?  I suppose grammatically speaking he was doing the right thing by including them, but I mean, c'mon.  This isn't really a story as much as it is a series of noises and shouts slapped together and placed in tandem with some fantastic tactile textures.  Honestly, he would have been better served removing everything but the identifying words for each "touch-and-feel" surface.  That would have been a Borrow for sure.  Instead, I am forced to relegate it to Donate status -- a rating that seems even more sensible when you discover Pelham wants $15 for what amounts to a bunch of gibberish...

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