Z Is For Moose


*Loved the way they built the drama all the way up to the final letter, leading us to wonder almost throughout how they were going to rectify the situation  
*Having the zebra referee (funny it's own right to sports fans) act as the control factor in this experiment really made the whole thing work
*Paul O. Zelinsky's illustrations weren't my favorite ever, but they definitely fit the playful atmosphere dictated by the subject matter 

*I might have put a question mark after the phrases on the 'D' page (where the moose kicks the duck off the stage) so that it led to a more clear articulation of it not being a true statement (especially critical since it's the first instance of what ends up being the central theme of the story) 
*I am normally not a fan of the pure chaos exhibited on the 'O,P,Q' page, even though I like it here; as such, I would be remiss not to point it out 
*Similarly, the crossing out of words with faux crayon just looks tacky to me, but it had a purpose and might be humorous to your tyke

Kelly Bingham took a risk and it paid off.  Messing with the alphabet is usually a pathway to disaster for me, since it tampers with the educational wiring we as parents have tried so hard to install into our kids' minds.  But, because Bingham limited the moose's attempts at interference, she was able to deliver a funny twist on what can often be a rather pedestrian theme. Consequently, you've got to congratulate her for having the rocky mountain oysters (or the female equivalent) to go for it!

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