How To Heal A Broken Wing

Let's take this broken wing and learn to fly again, learn to live so free. 

*As an animal lover myself, I have to give props to Bob Graham for trying to teach our kids this valuable quality  
*Just has the look and feel of what a children's book is made of, from the well-thought out illustrations to the length and pace
*By showing how the bird got injured in the first place, HTHABW manages to provide context that a lot of other stories lack

*I know I'm gonna come off like a major germaphobe, but I would prefer that my son didn't think it's now okay to pick up injured pigeons (or as my dad refers to them "rats with wings") 
*According to the author, no one looked down at the bird as it laid there helplessly on the ground -- but Will's act would have come off more compelling had Graham gone the route of everyone ignoring it 
*At the beginning of the pigeon's hospice there is a picture of a calendar with a red 'x' on it -- I'm surprised the corresponding image wasn't included for when his recovery time came to an end

A prototypical library book if I've ever seen one.  There's no reason to own it and really no reason to reread it; notwithstanding these limitations, it's still worth checking out.  That said, you might want provide a followup lesson on the benefits of hand sanitizer when you are done!

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