Please, Baby, Please

You can beg all you want, but I'm not budging on this rating. 

*Kadir Nelson's illustrations spice up an otherwise blah effort  
*Might show your kid that you aren't the only one asking him/her to stop doing things like eating sand, drawing on the walls, etc
*Though they don't add anything to the story, I did like the clocks acting almost like bullet points on each page

*I'm sure all the "please"s and "baby"s initially seemed like a good recurring theme to use, but when proofing the final result someone should have stopped and said "okay, this is just too much" 
*Even if you look past the issue above, it's impossible to ignore the pages that just repeat the word "baby" four times in a row 
*Speaking of clocks, the clock in the room with the frog doesn't show the same time as the clock in the corresponding text

It's been a while since I've had such a cut and dry example of a book that isn't bad, per se, but doesn't really prove why it needed to be published in the first place.  The fact that a celebrity author (Spike Lee) had his hand in it is probably responsible for it ever hitting the shelves in the first place.  "He got game" in the movie world but that's not reason enough to buy his literary partnership with wife Tonya.  I'm gonna "do the right thing" and leave it at that.

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Ali B said...

Thanks - I'll leave it on the shelf. Also not a fan of celebrities who think they're authors. Exceptions (off the top of my head) are Henry Winkler and Stephen Colbert.

mysteryguy said...

Henry Winkler, huh?! I'll have to check that out!

Michael Klaus Schmidt said...

I've been enjoying your comments! As a father of four, I share many of your opinions about my kids' books.