Who Lives In The Sea?

Quien vive en el mar? 

*I think we can all agree that the ocean is a wonderfully mysterious setting for a board book full of action shots  
*Some material just naturally lends itself to the bilingual format and I dare say this is one of them (despite it's relative cookie cutter presentation)
*Having just learned the difference between turtles and tortoises at age 30-something, it made me happy to see a page on tortugas marinas

*With a cover like the one pictured below, I expected more from Rourke Publishing than the straightforward approach they employed 
*When answering the titular question, every page correctly uses the plural except for the curious choice of a single stingray 
*There are some other grammatical choices (which may be the result of translation issues) that aren't incorrect but definitely don't sound like something the average American would use (corals instead of coral, octopuses instead of octopi)

This is actually the second book I have reviewed in this publisher's bilingual series, and both have yielded the same rating. Since I wasn't out looking to crucify them for sport, it goes to show that RBB Books is doing something right when it comes to creating compelling (enough) covers I want to check out of my library.  The problem is once I get it home, their printings have the uncanny ability to underwhelm.  Unless you want to experience the feeling of being on a ship lost at sea in the middle of the doldrums, there's no real reason to embark on this voyage.

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