Foxy Comes Home

Sad, but I have to throw this one to the wolves... 

*Touches on the theme of adoption, which might be of direct use to some of you out there -- and even if it isn't relevant to your family situation, that idea of loving a disadvantaged soul is universal  
*Despite a heavy dose of tediousness, I was able to navigate my way to the heartwarming underbelly
*If you are looking to kill twenty minutes with your child, just crack this thing open (although I would suggest pressing pause on your DVR so the last five minutes of the NFL game you were watching doesn't unfold in the background while you read about some kid picking peaches)

*There is absolutely no reason why this story needs to be as long as it is -- when my son and I finished reading it, I felt like jumping up to look at the calendar to make sure I hadn't aged another year 
*We're still not sure whether Foxy was originally a wild fox or a domesticated dog, and I wish this would have been addressed at some point 
*While I like the font used on the word "foxy", I question the generic front cover (since it doesn't really tell me anything about the book I am holding)

Author Ashley Bridges is going to be unhappy with this review, but I hope my sour opinion will help her realize that there is something to be said for trimming the fat.  Her story would have had some potential if it was more like a lean pack animal and less like an overweight house pup resting on my lap while I sat on the couch.  Given my predilection toward books that can occupy more than a minute of my time, it must mean something that I was quite this disturbed by the length of this book. Foxy:  you don't have to go home, but you have to get the heck out of here!

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