Orange Pear Apple Bear

Bear and grin it, because this little gem from Emily Gravett is a delight! 

*It's amazing how a book with only five illustrated items (the four in the title and a plate) can still work when put in the right hands  
*Even my three-year-old son could recognize just how cool the pear-shaped bear was
*Speaking of the young man, it was fun letting him read the whole book to me, guided only by my finger pointing at objects in the appropriate order

*If you are looking for a story, there is none 
*My wife was not a fan of the ending, and, while I was less perturbed by it, I will admit it was the weakest part 
*Even though my gut tells me OPAB has a fairly high rereadability factor, I can imagine being as wrong as those TV pundits who questioned Nate Silver's data-based forecasts

There are a lot of books out there with one or two words per page that absolutely stink.  They come off lazy or uninspired and usually have the air of looking to make some easy money.  At no point during our reading of OPAB did any of these thoughts cross my (normally jaded) mind.  It has the same crisp bite to it that you'd experience on a walk through the woods on a chilly Autumn day.  Simple and natural.  Like the fruit it describes, you'll be satisfied after consuming it, although you'll probably still be hungry for another portion after you finish...  

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