Little Leah Lou And Her Pink Tu

Get your dance shoes on, cuz it's time to boogie! 

*Not that many books are able to communicate the concept of making the best of a situation as adeptly as Teasha Seitz  
*Similarly, I was happy to see storybook parents keeping their sense of humor during a potential catastrophe  (in toddler terms) -- I could envision myself taking the same approach if it happened to our family
*Nice touch having Leah Lou eating cotton candy when the giraffe bites at what looks like cotton candy around her waist

*I would have been okay with saying the words "little Leah Lou" about half as often as I did 
*While illustrator Jean Ditslear actually does some nice things, there was just something about the artwork that didn't click for me 
*Yikes, Dad should really shave his goatee -- homeboy looks like he cobbled together some of the hair from his head, some from another special place on his body and slapped it on the very bottom of his chin with some crazy glue

There's a cool symmetry to the way the material is presented in this book -- so much so that I wish my blog's format allowed me the chance for a fourth pro bullet point.  But, hey, certain traditions are worth keeping, so I'll just mention it down here instead.  Overall, LLLAHPT is a solid effort, just a few dance steps away from being a Buy.  

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