If I Were A Jungle Animal

I would be a sloth.  But that's another story... 

*Tom and Amanda Ellery get high marks for the pictures in here -- quite a feat the way they turned Morton into all of these different animals without distorting natural appearances  
*The authors chose a great animal to end on, because it challenges your child to notice a discrepancy
*The page with all of the birds cackling is super funny

*Could have ended without the very last image where Morton catches the ball -- would have been better with one more scene or with the last page removed altogether 
*Similarly, the beginning kinda comes out of nowhere (although it does give context to where and why he's daydreaming) 
*Wouldn't have led off with the lion, because it is the least clear (to little kids) on why he would not want to be that particular beast

Few books scream Borrow more than this title.  It's a perfectly nice read that is injected with a good mix of color and humor. That said, I would never think to recommend it to anyone because there's nothing all that compelling about it.  Much like the Amazon itself, you'll likely be more comfortable touring it for a week or two than investing in a permanent stay.  

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