If you don't succeed, try again. 

*Really does a good job of completely telling a story from beginning to completion and wrapping up any loose ends   
*You've got to hand it to the author for the imagination that inspired him to have a bear try and spear the moon and launch a rocket ship up to the skies
*Good usage of the hibernation period to drive the story

*My biggest con is kind of unfair, but arises from the author's seemingly formulaic approach to selling books (see below for what I mean) 
*The width of those footprints sure look more in keeping with human tracks instead of bear paws 
*I would not describe the taste of snow as delicious

I knew the cover looked familiar when I brought it home on Wednesday, but I couldn't quite place the author's name.  After reading it to my son, it dawned on me that I definitely reviewed something pretty similar last year.  So, I looked it up and found this.  Apparently, Frank Asch sees an untapped market in the convergence of bear cubs and the moon.  Perhaps he's on to something, but neither attempt I have seen has fully hit the bear's eye.  Still, 
Mooncake is better than Happy Birthday, Moon (although still a planet or two away from being worth the effort of tracking it down).  Grab a slice or two of this piece of cake and then pass it onto someone else. 

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