Dragons Love Tacos

You learn something new every day. 

*Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri have published something truly original that stands out from the rest of its peers   
*Carries its irreverent tone from cover to cover without coming off as cheesy or annoying
*Subtly teaches kids to remember to read the fine print

*The humor makes up for a lot of it, but at the end of the day, DLT kind of just keeps going on and on about the same thing 
*Maybe I missed it, but I would really like to know the answer to the question (asked in the text) why dragons love tacos 
*I'm sure there's an explanation why there are 37 days on the November calendar (funny joke? dragons have a different take on timekeeping?) but it still could be mighty confusing to children trying to grasp the concept

Taco Bell might just be my favorite fast food experience.  I love a lot of the items on the menu (gorditas being a clear #1) and will always appreciate the fact that Mountain Dew is always an option.  However, it's also the one-trick pony of the QSR world, because, for me at least, it's not varied enough to satisfy my cravings on a regular basis.  And, while this is true for any of its competitors as well, there's something about the thought of eating at Taco Bell every day that makes me certain I wouldn't even make it a year before keeling over.  I view Dragons Love Tacos much the same way.  Rubin and Salmieri have assembled a delicious treat for you and your child to devour.  When you are done, you realize that there were a lot of empty calories, but you don't care because it was super yummy.  However, if you try to relive that moment more than once in a blue moon, you'll start to wonder if it might be time to switch to something more nourishing.

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