Frosty The Snowman

I think we can all agree that Santa is the President of Christmas, but I'd argue his running mate is this guy right here... 

*There's something just cool about retro illustration from when my dad was a kid  
*How can you not like the policeman's quick thinking, goldspun storytelling, and awesome rhyming
*Comes with its very own song that almost everyone can remember (although it's not included in the book)

*Not sure why that last page needed to reiterate the message from the one previous to it -- especially by saying something as ominous as "and he will" 
*Because the story is over sixty years old, it might seem a little anachronistic in its lack of diversity and word choice (did you know coasting was a synonym for sledding, cuz I sure didn't) 
*Frosty somehow keeps the kids warm in his presence; which is a nice sentiment until you think about the number of ways kids already ignore the elements in wintertime (I don't need ours catching colds because they built their own 'magical' snowman, as cute as it may sound)

First, let me point out that I am reviewing the Frosty printed by Golden Books decades ago that has the cover art shown below. It's not as easy to find as other books on my site, but there are plenty of copies out there on things like Etsy.  Obviously, the odds of you grabbing anything close to 'like-new' are miniscule, but that shouldn't matter too much since the years of weathering only adds more character to the illustrations.  Why did I just spend three sentences on this subject?  Because, even though I've never seen them, I have to believe that the newer versions of the tale won't have the same wholesome feel that you'll get with this one.  It's just so darn halcyonic!  And (unlike anything Santa-related), Frosty is appropriate all winter long, making him an almost certain Buy, even if it's a story/song you've heard a million times.  

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Elizabeth Waldman Frazier said...

I love, love, love this review. I am dating myself here, but I remember this book with tremendous fondness (and I also remember "coasting" being used as a synonym for "sledding.") I found your blog via your HARO posting. I'm a publicist, and one of my current projects is promoting a new children's picture book-with-audio (a CD with narration and classical music). May I send it to you for review consideration?
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