Good Night Pillow Fight

How could this not be good? 

*Starts off decently enough, but then turns into some sort of bratty handbook (until it cleans it up at the end)   
*Any excuse to justify a pillow fight with you child should be encouraged
*I did like the pattern on the boy's yellow pajamas, so at least there was one picture that didn't kill me

*I can't remember the last time I critiqued the images in a review -- that is, until right now 
*Just to be clear, I didn't like the way the middle third was written 
*Since they weren't going for realistic artistic perfection, I could have done without the knuckle hairs

Seriously, Sally Cook?  Somehow you took one of the most fun parts of being a kid, and made it lame?  Unbelievable.  There are about a million ways you could have written about pillow fights that would have passed my test, but instead you chose the other one.  Personally, I think anyone who spent $16 on this should be entitled to one firm, yet cushioned, thwack to either your
or illustrator Laura Cornell's noggin.  If it wasn't for a few of those pros up there, I'd authorize a more painful instrument of pain, but as it is, I think this method of punishment will suffice... 

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