I Want My Hat Back

When I was in high school, I used to wear backwards hats so often that I started to develop a really gross acne strip about halfway down my forehead.  Good story, right?! 

*Has a unique style you don't see every day, whereby the character has to retrace his steps to a certain point (most books that do this go all the way back to the beginning)   
*After the first run-through, it's fun to watch my son shout out that the rabbit is wearing the hat
*Jon Klassen writes the way children talk, which I have to think is appealing to them

*Pretty sure my boy didn't get what happened at the end, so I can't quite tell what age this starts to make sense to kids 
*I still contend that the star of the show looks more like a beaver than what I assume is a bear 
*Left me wanting Doritos

I'm drawing a blank on who recommended this one to me earlier this year.  Regardless, I knew immediately that I had to check it out of the library when I saw it there on Monday.  IWMHB is a good one, but I wasn't fully sold.  I could see myself keeping it for quite a while, but don't think it's worthy of a Buy.  In retrospect, it's a lot like the Barcelona Dragons cap I sported back in the day (in my defense, this was back when NFL Europe played its inaugural season so it had some smidgen of cache): unlike anything else in my collection, bold, and well-made, but ultimately not something I should have paid for.  It's a wonder someone ever married me..

Buy / BORROW / Donate / Destroy

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