A Tale From The Pound

Whisk I could find a reason to recommend this one to you... 

*Erin Raught exquisitely wrought images of some of the most adorable darn cats you'll ever see   
*Two nice messages: pet rescue and empathy for creatures that aren't classically perfect (although, as you'll see below, I don't think Raught did enough to differentiate our subject from the rest of the population)
*I kind of liked the way Sandy Throne translated the cats' meows into English for us

*Maybe I'm too much of a cat lover, but I honestly could not see why so many characters in the story found this feline so (visually) fetid 
*Similarly, I don't think the illustrations did enough to convey her supposed freakishly large ears 
*The way they arrived at the name Sophie was probably based on real-life events, but for purposes of storytelling was a tad random


As much as it pains me to think about, not every animal at the pound finds a home.  Even with the aggressive spaying and neutering campaign we have waged over the last few decades, there are just too many born each year to avoid having a certain percentage fall through the cracks.  Well, in this way, books have a lot in common with the pet adoption system. According to various sources, over 500,000 new books are published each year between the US and UK alone.  Are we to think that all of them are destined to find at least one owner?  I doubt it.  Look, they are all worthy of someone's love -- even the obvious rejects.  I'm not saying ATFTP falls in this camp, but it's also not exactly the Morris the Cat of kidlit.  As such, I am going to have to dissuade you from adopting it and suggest you Donate it instead. 

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