Hello! Hello!

Como se dice "sayonara" en ingles? 

*I think we can all agree that one of the top five most important things we have to be vigilant about these days is aggregate screen time   
*You can really sense the escape from the confines of the modern world when Lydia steps into nature
*Neat how the phone is the very thing that brings her back to reality

*If you can get past the fact that what little text there is clunky (making reading out loud super dry), then you might like it -- I couldn't 
*Sure, it's a provides a key lesson; but, if you take a step back, it's also a pretty obvious one that almost anyone could have thought of, albeit without the same quality of illustration 
*Reminds me a little too much of my wife telling me to get off of my iPhone at dinnertime


As you have figured out by now, the majority of the Donates on this site are pretty bad books.  There are a few, though, that are perfectly nice books that just don't have the staying power to be worth more than one read.  Hello! Hello! is a perfect example of this phenomenon.  It has got a good message, good illustration, and a good spirit.  What it lacks is any reason for me to really open it again.  Consequently, I must bid author Matthew Cordell's work adieu... 

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