Bear Despair

This thing makes When Animals Attack seem tame by comparison. 

*Gaetan Doremus is an illustrator to be reckoned with -- although Enchanted Lion Books should probably pair him up with a proven author from now on   
*If you can get past the violence and quasi-bullying, it's actually entertaining to add your own dialogue to this wordless effort
*Cool concept to have a bunch of the kings of their respective domains (bear, lion, etc) in the same story, complete with crowns

*Our hero, the bear, foregoes any sort of diplomacy and goes straight to eating his tormentors -- something that shocked and awed my 3.5-year old past any sort of humor 
*The front cover tries to frame what is to come by saying the bear "needs his teddy just as much as you do", but if my son ever raged the way our ursine friend does, there would some serious punishment involved 
*Mr. Doremus enjoys eating green tomatoes with cinnamon -- which I'm pretty sure is what would be on the menu at every asylum in the land if the inmates ran them

On my initial trip to the library in 2013, this was the first book that called my name.  I thumbed through it and saw that it had no text, but was intrigued enough by the pictures to keep it in hand.  I must not have been paying too much attention, because I didn't see any of the frames where animals were entering the esophageal region.  Now, to be fair, the beasts were merely trapped in the bear's stomach and were later released without a scratch; ironically, this is kind of what it felt like when I was experiencing it with my boy.  We were along for a ride I would have preferred we could get off.  I can not honestly say whether we came out the other side unscathed, but I do know that I would Donate those moments of Despair to anyone else, given the chance..

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Perogyo said...

At least there's no gruesome esophageal scene.

I know I am in the minority, but I hate wordless picture books.