Charlie The Ranch Dog

Let me get a hot dog with a side of ranch please... 

*Diane deGroat has got me goin' footloose every time I look at the pictures she contributed to this effort  
*Charlie's lovable lazybones persona is great on its own, but is even better because of the contrast that Scrappy Doo Suzie offers
*For those interested in getting to know author Ree Drumond a bit better, now you have an animated glimpse into her daily life

*If I switched gears and became a cowboy, there's just no way I would pack this story in my saddlebag when given the choice between it and the books on this list 
*Would have liked at least some mention of whether the chipmunk is a regular on the farm or at least an acknowledgement by Charlie of its presence 
*As someone who enjoys a good nap, I don't know why I am on such an anti-slumber kick -- but this is the second book this week where the main character catching some shuteye on almost every page has annoyed me to some degree (at least this one was for humorous reasons)

Any blogger who has spent five minutes researching the "competition" has heard of Ree Drummond.  She's like the Kobe Bryant of the blogosphere.  You want to hate her so bad for all of the success she has had, but you can't deny that she plays on a much higher level than you ever will.  Drummond has parlayed this pedigree into a lucrative career that draws a ton of media and fan attention.  
And even when she's off, she's never really that off.  This book is a perfect example of that.  I went into it wanting to find a chuck wagon full of mistakes (probably the only time I had any sort of bias going into a review), but found fault was hard to come by.  Still, my overall sense was that it was good but not great.  To put it back into Kobe terms, CTRD is kind of like the year Bryant and Shaq lost in the Finals to the Pistons -- two superstars who almost brought another title home to LA, but who ultimately failed to get the ring, despite having all of the odds in their favor.      

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