Bee And Bird

Feel free to buzz right past this one. 

*Craig Frazier boasts an impressive illustrative resume, one that is certainly isn't hurt by this effort   
*The whole book is an exercise is perspective, kind of a neat idea
*That opening image is a keeper

*My son and I have seen a fair number of wordless picture books over the years and this one screamed "forgettable" even before we got to the end 
*I just kept thinking "there's no reason for these two to stick together for that long" 
*I could totally be wrong about this, but don't you have to fence off cows from deeper open water sources so they don't drown themselves


I went to high school in Marin County, California.  What I didn't know then is that Marin has a high concentration of kidlit contributors living within its borders, Mr. Frazier included.  As you can imagine, it pains me a little bit more than usual anytime I have to ding a book that originated on that side of the Golden Gate.  Nonetheless, that's what I'm going to have to do today.  Look at it this way: even an ardent animal lover is gonna call animal control if the birds and the bees start getting all literal too close to home.  Think of me as a kindly municipal employee helping you relocate these pests to someplace other than your property.  [Since B&B doesn't pose any danger, I'll leave the poison in the truck.] 

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