I Go Potty!

Of the three potty training books I've read to date, this one is the biggest stinker. 

*Takes a more casual approach to the process, foregoing any sort of advice in place of a virtual list of things for your child to do while waiting out his or her bowels   
*It's got a happy, no-pressure vibe to it
*Ends with a good hand-washing

*I'm not sold that this approach to potty training would ever really accomplish anything substantial (it might help your kid's psyche a little, but so would a good pep talk from mom or dad) 
*Doesn't even attempt to deal with the eventuality that the peeing and pooing might not happen 
*I totally just thought about where this book has been between the time it first arrived at the library and the very moment it touched my hands


Publishers who take a dip in the murky waters of potty training have to know by now that the story takes a backseat to the service they are providing.  Quite simply, parents expect more from these titles than any other category I can think of off the top of my head.  We want something that solves the problem; if it does anything more than that, well, then that's a bonus.  In my opinion, I Go Potty! does not come close.  It's a sweet attempt, but, if you're really trying to transition from plastic to porcelain, you're looking for a book that gets down and dirty. 

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