Oink, Moo, Meow

Either this is a book about animal sounds or that Fifty Shades series has gotten completely out of control! 

*People of all ages like making animal sounds, and this definitely provides a forum for that   
*Sterling Children's Books didn't go the 'cheep' route when they went with the high gloss pages, hi-res pix, and multi-colred font
*Feels good in your hands

*I think we can all agree that this is a blatant ripoff of the See & Say toys we had as kids -- they didn't even try and hide this fact since they called it a "Say & Play" book 
*Just like you would get annoyed listening to the phrase "the *animal* says" if you pulled the string on that toy twelve times in a row, repeating the same words wears on you by the end 
*The wolf pup looks too much like a dog and should have been replaced with something like a snake


The grouchy horse in me wants to say 'nay' and give it a Donate for essentially stealing Mattel's idea and converting it to book form.  But, the rest of me is sufficiently impressed enough to 'roar' its praises.  OMM is not the cat's 'meow', but it's a pretty good Borrow for those of you who are in the 'moo'd for something like this.  'Gobble' it up from a friend's house today. 

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