My Animals Mis Animales

You can take the blogger off the farm, but you can't take the granja off of the blogger! 

*If a kid is going to learn the names of animals at a young age, he or she might as well learn them in two languages   
*Rebecca Emberley's illustrations are not impressive in any way, but they carry enough whimsy to make them kind of fun
*The ways she posed the goat, pig, and cow were especially playful

*I hate when a board book spends the first two pages with copyright information and (what in essence is) another cover image rather than getting to the good stuff right off the bat 
*Either the fly should have been on the pig page (instead of the facing turtle page) or, better yet, should have been removed entirely (since it is not mentioned in the text) 
*Does that cow require knee pads, or is the middle of its leg covered in accumulated mud of some sort


Okay, so technically this isn't a farm-only book.  But, in theory, every single creature contained in MAMA could naturally find its way onto property zoned as such.  Regardless, it's a perfectly fine effort with very few bells and whistles.  What I found most interesting was my confidence in the fact that even if we magically removed the source of my primary gripe, the book would still receive the same rating from me. 

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