Red Knit Cap Girl

Am I the only one who thought of Meg Griffin when I first saw this title?  [Yes, I know she wears a pink hat.] 

*Naoko Stoop is a good illustrator, but what shined brightest for me wasn't what she drew but rather the colors she chose for the backgrounds   
*If you can't get enough of nightime moon stories, then here's another one for you
*Demonstrates the sacrifices friends make for each other, for a while at least

*I've never taken a class in picture book writing, but something tells me the first thing they teach you is never to name your character Red Knit Cap Girl 
*All that buildup to hear what the moon has to say and that's all we get -- yeesh 
*Didn't like how she (in essence) ditched her animal buddies once she got in good with that celestial body


There's a point in the story where Red Knit Cap Girl (I mean, c'mon with that name already) goes to find the owl for advice. She asks him a question and he totally ignores her.  She asks him again, and he reluctantly speaks.  He then flies off without as much as a goodbye.  I see a lot of you, the reader, in this owl.  Red Knit Cap Girl is just kind of there, begging you to open it up.  Finally, you acquiesce and try to muster a token level of enthusiasm.  By the time you reach the end, you are ready to get the 'f' out of there.  As you drift to anywhere or anything else, you reflect momentarily on what just happened.  Not the worst experience by any stretch of the imagination, but a waste of time for sure. 

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