In the words of the immortal, yet presently irrelevant, Lil Kim: "put your lighters up!" 

*David Bennett was able to construct a very readable product, while still addressing the important issue of fire safety  
*Carries a virtually unheard of listing price of under $4 (full disclosure: it's a 25-year old printing)
*At first I thought the choice of a teddy bear as the lead was a poor choice, but as time went on illustrator Rosalinda Kightley was able to convince me otherwise

*This book is next to impossible to find on the Internet, and not just because its title is so generic -- I was only able to find one listing on Google Shopping for an eBay auction that will expire in two days (and that was after trying a few unsuccessful search term queries) 
*As with anything fire-related, I am worried that talking about it has just as much chance of spawning an arsonist as it does of preventing my son from becoming one 
*Does not leave open the possibility that aliens taught early man how to start fires:)

You'd think there would be more kidlit devoted to a topic so essential to human life.  [Moreso when you factor in its destructive capability.]  Yet, somehow, there is a dearth of toddler-appropriate material on this Earth.  Thankfully, someone at Bantam Little Rooster Books greenlit the spark that led to this burn book.  It ignited my desire to award a Buy by accelerating what is in essence an informational text with enough cutesy pictures to make it amply fun.  Fan your child's educational flame with Fire.

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Cindy Cipriano said...

Love your idea about aliens tutoring us on fire.

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