Sleep Like A Tiger

Grr baby, grr! 

*Should have won the Caldecott this year, because Mary Logue's storytelling and Pamela Zagarenski's artwork play off of each other so well -- especially in the way the first half's text links to the second half's illustrations  
*The explanation of how whales sleep is particularly good, since that's the one I would have botched if my son asked me the same question
*I have a special affinity for the way the little girl's parents steamroll through her attempts at stalling before bedtime -- I do the same thing, so it must be right

*I totally can relate to the glut of hibernating bear stories out there and why you'd want to end with something more unique (like a tiger), but doesn't it make more sense to drop fast asleep into a catnap and then follow that up with a long deep slumber 
*A bit of a misstep having the dog sleep in a naughty spot, given that the girl does everything else in the exact same manner as the animals 
*I'm all for kids being able to express themselves, but I'd have to rip those pennants off of my child's ceiling before they drove me crazy

Talk about earning your stripes!  This Bengal just roared Buy from the get-go.  It's a complete book in every way: length, writing, pictures, topic, synchronicity.  In my household, three out of three adults who have read it plus one boy all agree how good it is.  [My daughter abstained from the voting process since she still hasn't learned to say a single word yet.  However, I would argue that the one sound she makes ("gi") is close enough to the Spanish word for "yes", that we can chalk it up as unanimous.]  As my sister-in-law points out, it even calmed down an otherwise Dinobot obsessed three-year old about five minutes before bedtime.  Go hunt down this tiger today!

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