Bright Lights And Starry Nights!

Owly and Wormy, you're making me squirmy. 

*If judging books was 100% about how cute the characters are, this would be a no-doubter Buy   
*I did enjoy how Andy Runton got around his worldessness problem by drawing some illustrative thought clouds
*I officially want to own a worm in a gladiator helmet so that I can put a tiny spear next to it

*Even if you gave me a hundred of Owly's telescopes, I still couldn't find a compelling non-illustrative reason to own it 
*Last time I checked, standing next to a few candles doesn't block out an epically starry night 
*Might require you to show your kids this video to remind them that their instincts are correct


It's rare that I let my son take a book to bed with him before we read it together.  There's no real reasoning behind why this is the case, it just doesn't seem to work out that way in our household.  But a few days ago he saw it laying on my dresser right after he brushed his teeth and said "what's that?"  Since we were already a good ten minutes past bedtime, I let him bring it into bed with him and told him he could look at it with his lamp on after I went back downstairs.  He liked it so much, he asked to do it again the next night.  And then tonight he asked if we could look at it in the morning.  So, obviously, he likes the thing.  If it was up to my boy alone, we'd probably have a Buy on our hands, especially given what I said in pro #1.  However, I can't quite get there when I think about the experience as a whole.  It leaves me as lost for words as the owl trying to retrace his steps in the woods.  I just don't know where to go with it.  Consequently, I'm going to drop it down to a Borrow and call it a (starry) night. 

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Vivian Kirkfield said...

I enjoy the way you review books! Honest, upfront and with valuable feedback for parents.

mysteryguy said...

Thank You!!!!!!!!