Exclamation Mark

Help!  Another book that is too smart for its own good! 

*Shows kids that just because you don't look the same as your peers doesn't mean you are somehow inferior   
*Tom Lichtenheld does everything he can to jazz up a story that is an almost impossible subject to make fun
*Choosing the setting of a ruled piece of paper makes a lot of sense, given the characters

*In trying to appeal to elite private school parents, the story loses its way with the most important audience -- kids aren't going to find it that amusing 
*Seems more concerned with frequently touting the pedigree of the writing team rather than worrying about giving families something we would truly enjoy 
*Would have been more compelling if the periods demonstrated their role in a more pointed manner


Wow!  Don't you hate people who overuse exclamation points in their writing?!  So do I!  [Okay, so maybe I occasionally fall into this group, but I'm special, right?!]  Guess what: this book is no exception!  It kind of blows!  No, really, it does!  Sorry New York Times bestselling team of Rosenthal and Lichtenheld, but it's back to the drawing board for you!! 

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