Can You Make A Scary Face?

I guess you've never seen me at six in the morning! 

*Encourages your kid to be physically active in tandem with the story   
*Jan Thomas chose bold colors for both the illustrations and the text and I believe it really makes a difference in any reader's overall experience
*That cover alone is worth the price of admission -- I cannot stop staring at it

*While I think the first half of the book is eternally rereadable, I cannot say the same about the second 
*There are already times where my son makes unsolicited faces at strangers and/or acquaintances -- I wonder if reading this book will encourage him (or your little friend) to do it more frequently 
*For sake of argument, let's say the frog didn't actually come to eat a bug (out from under a shirt)... then, pray tell, how would a child act out that imagery


Let's face facts here.  If I give this story a Borrow, will I be able to look at my ugly mug in the mirror tomorrow?  I think so. That particular rating reflects a work that was enjoyable but not spectacular; a concept that certainly describes the profile of CYMASF.  In short, Jan Thomas didn't create a face that could launch a thousand ships, but at least it's a face that people other than a mother could love. 

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