Tiger Tales

Maybe I'm just partial to fish stories. 

*Will hopefully teach your child that real-life experiences outweigh whatever fibs they want to make up in order to sound cooler than their friends   
*Having parents knock the cub down a peg in front of his peers might seem harsh, but I believe it's the right way to parent
*Did like the classic cartoon vibe provided by the little knot on the head of the snake after he got clubbed (although it was a tad violent)

*Author Ronne Randall doesn't really give consequences (resulting from Timmy's exaggerating) that roar enough to make the story worthwhile 
*Jacqueline East's illustrations also lack pizzazz -- felt more like an emaciated cage animal than a majestic Siegfried and Roy specimen 
*Understandable why all the beasts had first names that started with the first letter in their species name, but it wore on me nonetheless


Here we have another title that is destined to get lost in the jungle known as kidlit.  It's survival of the fittest out there, and this book is barely scraping by.  At some point, a kid named Laurence was willing to Donate it to my son's school library.  Who am I to argue with him or his family? 

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