Hugs For You

Kisses if you're lucky... 

*If you're looking for a basic board that is just the right length, this isn't a bad choice   
*The shape of the book seems to have its own gravitational pull that overpowers your desire to grab something else
*Tough to argue with a price point below $8 for construction of this caliber

*The back cover has "recommended" this story for kids ages three and up when it is so obviously for children three and below -- sounds like the lawyers for Accord Publishing have a little too much say in the process over there 
*Unlike their counterparts, the hugs from the monkey and the bear are more directive than descriptive 
*If the FDA required an ingredient list for all works of kidlit, this one would have dangerously high levels of artificial sweetener


There isn't much too love about the material in here.  There's no way it took Paula Hannigan more than ten minutes to come up with the fairly pedestrian phrasing.  Illustrator Heather Brown might have need a few hours to finish all of the stuffed animals, but the majority of that had more to do with getting them all the same size and less to do with the actual craftsmanship.  Still, even on my most cold-hearted days, I don't think I could ever go as far as to rip a book about hugs to shreds.  It's a Donate on its merits, but, hey, we all know saccharin has some unintended side effects... 

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