Freight Train

Full steam ahead. 

*Not the typical take on the ubiquitous colors board book format   
*Unless you are already a railfan, you'll learn the names of some of the various supply cars
*Donald Crews almost won the Caldecott for this effort in 1978, and I think it's because of the very cool way he illustrates the freight train (and the smoke it produces) in motion

*How many books on trains can you possibly own 
*That cutout in the mountain could confuse younger minds as to how a tunnel works 
*Was hoping the door on the purple box car would be left slightly ajar so we could see the drunk hobo inside (now thinking of the pop-up possibilities)


Stays on the tracks and delivers a smooth ride.  It's good and reliable and definitely worth your time to conduct your children through a bunch of reading trips.  Overall, I could easily see the argument for making this a Buy, but I'm not gonna purchase that ticket.  I'm gonna save my money for something something new and shiny. 

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