The Amazing Adventures Of Bumblebee Boy

Buzz off. 

*Repeatedly stings the idea that older kids should include their younger siblings during playtime   
*David Soman and Jacky Davis project a concept that's very in line with how a child would exercise his or her imagination
*Each and every villain was believably compelling, with the slight exception of the bank robbers (who did not have a corresponding real-world object for Sam to interact with)

*Overly pollinated with words -- culling the colony by half would have yielded a better crop 
*Soman's illustrations were about as beautiful as your hand would be after you stuck it in an active hive 
*Could have done better in the catchphrase department than "bum ba bum bumm"


For whatever reason, I normally make my library trips alone during the week.  However, this weekend my wife was out of town and I needed some out-of-the-house time with the kids, so we stopped by.  I point this out to you because it's the reason I even took this book off the shelf in the first place.  That cover never would have pulled me in, but my son saw it and said that a set of twins in his class had it and Donated it to the school; so we added it to our haul.  After reading it tonight, I can see why.  Much like the bumblebee in nature, it can be entertaining for a moment, but if it hangs around for much longer, you want to get the heck out of there or swat it away. 

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