Round Is A Tortilla

And diamonds are a girl's best friend. 

*Not only covers a bunch of shapes, but also ends most pages with probing questions geared toward getting kids to interact   
*Takes a more subtle approach to including Spanish words (by dropping them into what is primarily an English-based story); and it works nicely
*If I had a Shapes category, this would be one of the better ones listed there

*As I said earlier, it's cool how Roseanne Greenfield Thong and John Parra make your child think of things that are shaped a certain way -- however, I also wish they would have made their illustrations a photo hunt for these figures as well 
*The Scrabble page works better in theory than in practice 
*Are hard-shell tortillas technically round or clam-shaped -- depends on the mind (and mouth) of the person you ask


I try not to penalize books too much for what they don't have if what they do have is good.  So I'm not going to ding Thong and Parra for the lack of the photo hunt triangulation.  Since my other two cons are pretty obtuse, you might guess that RIAT would be a star in my eyes.  It's about a whisker away from receiving a checkmark in the Buy box, but seems to circle around that sphere without closing the loop.  Much like the edge of a never-to-be-stuffed flour tortilla. 

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