Captain No Beard

We're gonna take a trip on a little pirate ship! 

*What a pleasant surprise to receive a book that is so perfectly suited for a kid my son's age (almost four years old)  
*Carole P. Roman not only chose great animal characters, but also did an excellent job of weaving in key elements of pirate lore without making it too difficult for children to understand
*Neat way of incorporating treasure into the story

*I don't quite get the importance of the whole "hard work" point that is referenced repeatedly 
*Pretty sure the word "starting" uses the wrong verb tense for the sentence it is housed within (on the page where Hallie almost falls off the boat) 
*Having a boy captain and girl first mate might come off as a little sexist to the most ardent feminist -- even though the book was written by a woman

Thar she blows!  I am so happy to have found the first finalist for the 2013 ERIK self-published book award!!  Ms. Roman's Captain No Beard is a shipshape tale that is sure to entertain those little landlubbers under your command.  [And, if you ever tire of this voyage, she's already got multiple sequels in the hold waiting for you.]  Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, because it's time for you to Buy it before I run a shot across your bow..

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