Pale Henry

Is it strange that I want Pale Henry to grow up and marry Snooki for the free tanning cream?  Yes? Good to know! 

*A simple tale that stresses the importance of playing outside, no matter how shy a kid might be   
*Calvin Innes has a very distinct illustration style that appeals to me
*I like how it ends with Henry spending his weekends the way he used to, because you don't want your kids to completely change who they are for the sake of conformity

*Probably could have carved off a few pages in the first half of the book without losing anything 
*My Little Big Town seems like a high-quality publishing outfit, but I was kind of surprised that they went with the long form b&w instead of making this a color picture book 
*I'm assuming it was done intentionally, but I did not enjoy the way certain elliptical letters (e and o being the best examples) were filled with black ink


This was not the only Calvin Innes book I received from the publisher to review, but it is the one I chose because I asked my wife to tell me her favorite.  What's weird is that, while I kind of agree with her AND think the author/illustrator is very talented, I only want to give it a Borrow.  We just brought it on our Memorial Day vacation and my son definitely asked to read it a few times (not something he does with books he dislikes).  So that's three out of three verbal people in our house who liked it.  But, still, my heart says Borrow.  I guess those cons bother me more as an "intellectual" than as an "emotional" parent.  Thus, as a non-reviewer, you might find it worth buying.  Either way, go outside and get some fresh air before making your decision; it's what Henry would want you to do! 

BuBORROW / Donate / Destroy

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