One Duck Stuck

After weeks of not blogging for business reasons (unacceptable, I know!), I felt compelled by this title to pull myself out of the mud and get back to typing! 

*Any time you can work a story into a counting book instead of just slapping a bunch of disparate pages together, it's a bonus   
*Phyllis Root and Jane Chapman forego the usual roll call of animals for more interesting fare, including crickets, possums, and dragonflies
*Yellow and green are always such visually pleasing compliments to one another it surprises me they are not paired more often

*Root's solution to the duck's dilemma is sweet, but her words do not match Chapman's illustrations nearly the way I would have liked 
*Does that thing where the same idea (the marsh) is mentioned multiple times for literary device purposes, even though it makes reading it a bore/chore 
*The onomatopoeic action words are creative, but I didn't love how they only sometimes rhymed and only sometimes were actual words -- muddles things up to much for me


Much like the main character in their book, Root and Chapman got mired in muck they couldn't quite escape.  There's more good in here than one would usually find in a Donate, but not enough to justify a rescue effort. 

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