Grumpy Bird

This could have easily been my nickname tonight after the new part I ordered from Amazon ended up not working with my particular setup. 

*Without saying it, the story gets the point across that being around pals is the quickest fix to feeling down -- even as a grown man, I sometimes forget this concept   
*Pretty cool how Jeremy Tankard is able to convey the bird's shifting emotions by making slight tweaks to his eyes
*I can't be the only one who enjoyed the various shapes Tankard incorporated into the animals' heads

*Could easily be renamed Sarcastic Bird -- and that kind of bird is probably not the one you want your child stealing catch-phrases from 
*As the title character's responses grew increasingly caustic, it would have been nice to see at least one critter set him straight, or at least choose not to hang out with him 
*Serving worms as a snack to a majority veggie crowd isn't gonna win him any new points with his friends (it is funny though)


Reading Grumpy Bird with my wife and son was a pleasant experience for all involved.  However, I could see us getting bummed out if we were to keep the book around for more than a few days. Worse still, I'm confident that I would curse under my breath if I ever laid down the cash to Buy it. So, Borrow seems like the logical choice.  After all, doesn't everyone just want to be happy?! 

BuBORROW / Donate / Destroy

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