Waking Dragons

If you play with fire, you're bound to get burnt! 

*How can you not love Derek Anderson's "paintings" -- they are so rich with color and dominate the page in a way you rarely see in children's books   
*Note to self: purchase a waffle trebuchet immediately
*Everything about the cover/jacket design is awesome -- from the raised shiny title on the front, to the flame pattern inside, to the back cover image of just a wyvern tail

*Dude, this writing is so bad -- it doesn't flow nearly as well as it thinks it does and lacks any real humor not contained in the pictures 
*Was kind of shocked that no mention (comical or otherwise) was made about the danger involved when a human character works that closely with dragons 
*The last three pages contain the following four words: "and", "fly", "and", "fly"


The odds of me rereading Waking Dragons is about as high as the chances I will watch Waking Ned Devine again.  As in... not bloody likely.  Similarly, I will never review another Jane Yolen book on this site.  Somehow this is now my 4th rating for her, yet I am only making the connection now.  [This is what happens when you combine my terrible memory with Simon & Schuster's heft in the industry.]  Even the books I didn't mind are more memorable for the issues they tackle than the writer's panache.  All in all, this was probably gonna get a Destroy from me if it wasn't rescued by Mr. Anderson.  Let sleeping dragons lie where they are. 

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Jeane said...

Ah, be a little kind. I'm very fond of Jane Yolen's books, but the ones written for older folks. I've never tried her picture books and I have a feeling they're very lacking.... but the YA stuff is great! (If you're a teen, which I was when I fell in love with her fantasy series).