How Far Do You Love Me?

I'd like you even more if you told your ten closest friends to read my blog every day... 

*If you want to give your kid to visit the most beautiful places in the world without spending more than $15, this might be the perfect vehicle for you  
*Lulu Delacre's prose is almost as majestic as the illustrations she created
*Other than the Grand Canyon and maybe Machu Picchu, Delacre chose roads less traveled (which is great since there are already about a million books that include the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, Great Wall, et al)

*That last journey into space really lays it on thick 
*Also, there is an odd feeling of mom having to one-up her child's trip to the moon 
*Two Australian spots wouldn't be the way I'd go with it

While the idea is unoriginal, the execution is so beyond reproach that I would hate myself for dropping Lulu's bedtime tale below a Buy.  That said, if you find yourself gagging any time you read someone effusively declare their undying connection with another human, you probably want to steer clear.  For everyone else, let the love fest begin!

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