Picture A Tree

Okay, now what? 

*The inside cover refers to how Barbara Reid's "unique Plasticine style" has won her many honors -- and I can see why -- it's like a flat claymation and I love it   
*Without a doubt, the tunnel and ocean of trees pages were my faves, probably owing to the fact that I now want to go out and find places in the DC area that I can show my kids this same effect
*Interesting choice to go through six seasons instead of the typical four -- it helped start and end the story on the right notes

*I'm all for making trees more fun for kids... but, I dunno, the book is not that compelling to me, regardless of how beautiful it is 
*Do trees hold spring inside of them during the dead of winter -- depends on how you look at it, and I'm no arborist, but I would argue that the weather determines the eventual date far more than the tree does 
*Stay with me here: even though I like the choice of kicking the whole thing off with wintertime (pro #3), I do not like the first real tree comparison (as a "drawing on the sky")


What we have here is a sturdy sycamore that you would appreciate more if it was on someone else's property.  It's lovely to look at (especially when it hits peak bloom), but you always know in the back of your mind that it would be a bit of a pain to deal with in the long run (what with the constant dropping of leaves and the constantly dropping satisfaction you would get from the textual subject matter)... 

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