Those Darn Squirrels Fly South

The perfect book for families in Richmond who like baseball and goofs like me. 

*Just a cool and unique story that alludes to the bonds formed between loved ones, even those loved ones who, on the surface, you don't even like very much from day to day  
*When a story makes you think to yourself "why don't I own a marimba?", you know it had an effect on you
*Adam Rubin's ridiculous names for the different bird species reminded me of the nonsense words my grandfather used when I went to visit him as a child -- plus my son loved parroting them too (pun intended)

*That first page threw me off big time -- I thought we had a real snoozer on our hands until I saw how it was setting up how things were going to play out 
*I didn't dig the granular background scheme chosen by Daniel Salmieri -- but the other 95% of his illustrations were fun 
*Completely ignores the problem Old Man Fookwire (which, by the way, sounds a little too much like a curse word) would have had transporting live animals across international borders

Do I think you should Buy a copy of TDSFS?  Fook yeah I do!  It's got a few holes in it (like the fact that real life flying squirrels were not worked in somehow), but, all in all, it's a departure from the bland fare we see far too often in this genre.  Gather it up and ferret it away for the winter, or any other season for that matter, because it's a keeper...

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