Baby's Shapes

Contemplated using circular logic on this one, but thought better of it.                  

*What we have here is a very colorful board book jam packed with a ton of material
*I like the design Little Simon Books went with (content glued on top of pink stock) 
*I'm not gonna slap a 'diverse lead' label on this effort, but Karen Katz does technically check the box   

*Given the very specific genre, I found a few too many shapes within shapes to classify it as unquestionably understandable for a baby
*Without a doubt, that is the worst illustration of a train I have ever seen 
*I know crawlers don't discriminate when it comes to what they put in their mouths, but I'd prefer my daughter not confuse the cheese with our sponges 

Most women could tell you that what looks like a diamond isn't always what it seems.  As it turns out, this truism isn't the exclusive domain of the jewelry world.  On the surface, it appears we have a star in Ms. Katz.  However, after triangulating my pros and cons, I have found enough flaws to downgrade it slightly.  Maybe I'm a square, but I can't give Baby's Shapes higher than a Borrow.                              

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