The Cuddle Book

I find cuddling in real life to be far more gratifying than reading someone's animal-based description of it. 

*As unoriginal a concept as it may be, nobody walks away from a 100% love-based story feeling less good about his or herself   
*My favorite illustration was that of the crabs attempting to get their hug on
*It's not often that I get to credit an author with a name like Guido Van Genechten on this blog

*I'm not sure if this Belgian author's work was translated for English-speaking audiences or if he wrote it in a language that was not his native tongue, but either way it is choppy 
*Hey Guido, are you saying a mom cuddle is better than a dad cuddle -- cuz it sure sounds like you are... SIR 
*Pretty sure turtles do not embrace standing up on two feet


I knew going into this review that this was not the first book I have critiqued with some form of the word "cuddle" in it.  Does it make me a bad dad if I can't bring myself to give the automatic thumbs up to this type of fare?  Maybe.  I really don't know.  Perhaps moms eat this kind of thing up.  [I tend to think not since my wife wasn't raving about this one either.]  All I know is that it is not good.  Throw this cuddle in a puddle and move on... 

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